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I love the physical process of printmaking, reinterpreting shapes and patterns to produce bold images
of natural forms. The observing, thinking, planning, sketching, composition, cutting, mixing and printing.
There is a choice at every stage that takes you along a journey, a path to an unknown desination.
When it works well it can lead you to an exciting, sometimes surprising, outcome!


My main subject areas are trees, plants and vegetables using linocut, screenprint and waterless lithography.
My recent Harvest Series produces images of produce that I like to grow, draw, print and cook ! I sometimes
incorporate text, printed or from recycled books​ that adds an extra layer of texture and interest to the image.


My aim is that by reinterpreting the shapes and patterns of the forms and cycles of nature the
viewer will be engaged to look again with wonder at the natural world close up.

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