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About reveal...

Reveal is a collective of nine contemporary artists who studied together
and graduated from the three year Complete Printmaker’s Course run
by Salford’s prestigious Hot Bed Press Workshop in 2016.

It was an adventure in discovery that became so addictive it was impossible
to give up. As our knowledge and skills developed so has our interest and our ambition to improve and experiment. Encouraged by each other and fellow members of Hot Bed Press, we have been able to create more and more exciting and imaginative work and, as our confidence has grown as a team,
so have our aspirations.


We come from a diverse range of backgrounds in art and science and consequently draw inspiration from a broad choice of subject matter, each specialising in a variety of different techniques. However experience
of showing our work demonstrates that the different styles overlap and
extend from each other in a way that retains interest and enjoyment for
the viewer as well as ourselves. 

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