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I  studied Fine Art at Manchester Art School and am a printmaker specialising in Etching (intaglio) and Linocuts. 
My current work comprises of a series of landscapes. I have a particular interest in the contrast between old functional
buildings such as mills and warehouses which are often re-invented for modern use, and historic landmarks alongside sharp, modern architecture. My work begins with a series of photographs and drawings of the places I choose as my landscapes. When I study and work on them later I decide which to select to use in a print. Etching, for me, is a continuation
of the line drawings on paper on the etching plate itself, and part of the process is experimenting with the marks that can be made on the plate to enhance the image. I don’t have a fixed idea of how the print will look - it evolves as part of the process. My Lino Prints begin by looking at the shape and forms around and within the buildings and printing blocks of colour to
represent the shapes. With each layer of colour the image gradually emerges.

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