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Originating from background in textile design, I find myself being drawn naturally to textured surfaces,
and pattern formations. Often this is in the form of fractured environments that exist in unseen parts of cities.
More recently I have been also recording markings on the land beneath me, marks that sometimes give us instruction
or naturally evolve each time we pass by. These are my natural landmarks. Printmaking has allowed me to creatively explore this subject matter I seem to unconsciously collate.I visually record information when I am on the move,
locally walking around, or a visit to new place through photography & notes. I record colour, visual lines and marks
that filter into the printmaking processes I have adopted, etching, mono-print and carborundum. The recorded narrative
is abstracted and often pieced together to form the final compositions. I enjoy both the freedom of drawing directly
onto a plate creating and building up marks for a mono-print, plus the raw physical qualities that can be achieved working directly onto an etching plate. The element of the unknown often feeds the investigation.


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